Workshop & Onsite Price Lists

Computer-RepairAll general onsite computer repair work.

  • $89 per hour for the first hour or part there of plus parts.
  • $25 per 15 minutes after the first hour plus parts.

Backup, virus removal, and other time consuming tasks may require PC being taken back to workshop to save on labor costs.

All General computer workshop work

  • $22 minimum service fee for any job taking less than 10 min plus parts.
  • $55 for jobs taking between 10 min & 30 min plus parts.
  • $89 fixed fee per computer ( Any general computer repair ) plus parts.
  • $67 per hour for business & gaming computers or computer with RAID HDD setup plus parts.**
  • $89 per insurance report – the computer is fully stripped and each item is tested and reported on for the insurance company. Payment required upfront usually can be claimed back from the insurance company.
  • $45 per backed up HDD when completed with $89 fixed fee repair plus parts.

* A business computer is defined by

  • If it is used for a C&C machine, DYNO, Printer, Plotter, etc
  • If it is used for Accounting or Book Keeping.
  • If it is used for Cad Drawings.
  • Any computer use within a business

** Definition of a gaming computer

  • When a computer has a RAID HDD setup
  • More than one video card (addon)
  • Runs more than two screens

Workshop & Onsite Price Lists