BitCoin/Alt Coin Crypto Mining Rig Building & Tuning


  1. Remote BitCoin/Alt coin/Crypto mining rig management service

    Rig tuning and building

    Building and tuning energy efficient & high hashing reliable rigs.

  2. Rig tuning for speed, power or efficiency
  3. Bios Modding AMD video cards
  4. Troubleshooting mining rig issues
  5. Fan replacements
  6. Overclocking service in windows & Linux based rigs
  7. Fixing overheating issues
  8. Cleaning & Servicing rigs


  1. Remote mining rig management service ($1 per card per week)
    – Have your rigs remotely rebooted
    – Cards de-tuned to make them stable
    – Re-tune cards as rigs age
    – Remote monitor for possible faulty hardware
    – Keep an eye on TX/RX data for hacking attempts
    – Turn fans up or down to maximize fan life
    – Change mining pools
    – Change or monitor wallet address
    – Change mined coins (eth > zed > xmr ) etc
    – Ethos or Windows monitoring

  2. Rig Tuning (Fixed fee of $25 per card-spare parts extra)
    Before remote management service, it’s always best to have your rig serviced to ensure maximum efficiency & performance. Service includes – Bios mod where required. Cleaning and re-thermal pasting of all GPU’s & CPU where required. Individual tuning of all cards. Full 48 hour stable test before release. Replacing faulty parts (extra cost applies). Upgrade, downgrade or service as required. Service comes with 1 month of free remote rig maintenance & all rig tuning is done in our workshop NOT onsite & we always hash with our wallet while testing with our power.

  3. BIOS Moding ($20 for the first card, then $4 per card must be same make, model and memory type)
    Moding bios can remove warranty! Right now that’s been said – it also increases hash rate without substantial extra power usage!

  4. Troubleshooting mining rig issues ($89 per mainboard plus parts)
    Anything from fixing excessive noise issues to rig just not hashing or even powering on.

  5. Fan Replacements
    Finding cost-effective fans can be a task, but we have had some luck with certain models. Drop us a card in for us to quote – note without your card instore we cannot quote due to differences in models.

  6. Overclocking Service (same fees/service as rig tuning $25 per card)
    Overclocking cards to a general state of tune can be done quite easily, we target card level tuning not rig level. So every card can have a different clock, memory & fan speed if necessary in order to get the maximum out of the card – Service comes with 1 month of free remote rig maintenance

  7. Overheating issues
    Rectify heat-related issues, GPU’s can become overheated from dust build up, failing fans, bad bios mod, poor overclocking settings, thermal paste failure or card failure.

Get the most you can from your etherium/Crypto Mining rigs with our rig management service. GPU’s with stable overclocks & BIOS mods

  • AMD Rig Tuning flat fee of $25 per GPU including bios mods.  (Bios Mod will void warranty)
  • Fast Turn Around – No hourly rates
  • 48hr stability test must be completed before release
  • Modding with ethOS or Windows-based systems

Also Build, Troubleshoot or Upgrade Rigs based on price, power, coin, cost.

ZERO responsibility will be taken for Cards that fail, fall over or brick due to the modding process – this is a risk YOU accept.