Onsite I.T. Services Terms & Conditions

Discount Cards

Onsite I.T. Services Discount Cards

Discount cards:

  • Discount cards are not redeemable for cash.
  • Discount cards are fully transferable.
  • All cards expire as per expiry date when no date is present they expire 12 months from the 2/12/16
  • One discount per device only.
  • Discount card must be surrendered upon use.




  1. New computer Warranty
    1. All new computers come standard with 12 months warranty from date of purchase.
    2. All onsite warranties are for the delivered address only. Transferring to a new address requires approval by Onsite I.T. Services.
    3. Should you move and you’re no longer within Onsite I.T. Services service area, it is the buyers responsibility to make arrangements for the computer to be delivered to Onsite I.T. Services.
    4. ALL postage and handling costs are the responsibility of buyer. Onsite I.T. Services will not be responsible for any postage costs.
    5. Onsite IT Services will not pay for any third party tech to service, or do any repairs what so ever.
    6. All warranties well be address as soon as possible but Onsite I.T. Services will not be held responsible for the Warranty repairer’s turnaround times. It is normal for warranty repairs to take anywhere from 24hrs to 30 days. Onsite I.T. Services will not be held liable for any data lost due to hardware failure
      1. Mainboard faults usually take the longest to address due to having to be sent back to the manufacturer.
      2. FDD, CD/DVD players, Power supplies will typically be done with in 24 business hours.
    7. Onsite I.T. Services provides all cd’s & licenses with new computers, it is your responsibility to keep them safe.
  2. You agree not to hold Onsite I.T. Services responsible for ANY loss or damage to computer and/or accessories while it is under repair or in transit with Onsite I.T. Services.
  3. I have a complete backup of all my personal information, and I am responsible for its safekeeping.
  4. All jobs to be paid in full before the release of your computer will be made.
  5. All jobs must be paid and picked up with in 7 days of being completed.
  6. All jobs that are not picked up with in 30 days WILL be sold to recover outstanding monies with out notice.
  7. All virus removal jobs come with a 12 hour warranty, if you feel you still have an issue you must drop the computer back within 12 hours or it can not be repaired under warranty.
  8. All $89 fixed price repairs come with a strict 7 day warranty unless otherwise stated
  9. All jobs that have NEW parts fitted come with 12 months parts and labor warranty.
  10. $89 fixed service fee excludes Data recovery, Urgent jobs, Business (computer used for any part of a business), Gaming (More than one Video card or a RAID HDD setup) ,Servers and Mac Computers these jobs are completed at $66 per hour and may have a higher priority than general repair jobs.

All invoices are to be paid within the payment terms, should you fail to meet these requirements Onsite I.T. Services will after 30 days with out notice recover pc’s worked on and/or restrict access to the service invoiced. Using any necessary means to achieve this including changing passwords, removing pc or undoing work undertaken. All costs incurred in the recovery process will be the sole responsibility of the invoiced client/s.

IF you don’t agree to these terms please feel free to contact another repairer.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time with out notice.

Last updated 26/03/2014


Phone & Tablet Terms & Conditions.

Red Hot Digital is a separate business working with-in Onsite I.T. Services workshop.

Onsite I.T. Services will take no responsibility for ANY phone or tablet left at the workshop.

If you don’t agree to this and all other terms and conditions below please feel free to take your item else where for repair.

  1. Minimum service fee on all phone and tablet repair is $30.
  2. A free ESTIMATE is only a visual inspection of device, along with information provided & condition of item.
  3. All phones & tablets that will not boot require a $30 upfront fee
  4. Any phone or tablet  that has a blocked IMEI number will be drooped at the local police station for collection, along with a collections notice for the work carried out.
  5. All completed jobs are required to be picked up with in seven days.
  6. After 30 days from invoiced date, completed jobs will be sold with out notice.
  7. It’s your responsibility to contact ED to arrange pickup not ours to repeatedly call for you to collect. Only two calls will be made.
  8. Any job that takes longer than 30 days to fix due to parts unavailability is considered un-repairable and can be picked up with out charge (unless it wouldn’t turn on then refer to point 1.)
  9. You agree not to hold RED HOT DIGITAL or Onsite I.T. Services responsible for any loss or damage to phone and/or accessories while it is under repair or in transit.
  10. All jobs to be paid in full before the release of your device will be made.