Playstation general services

fans removed and cleaned

Over temp or PS4 Raw
– Strip & Clean all surfaces, vents & components
– Clean thermal paste and reapply quality thermal paste
– Clean and aline thermal material
– Remove DVD drive cover and remove excess dust (not full DVD Service)
– Remove and clean radiator
– Reassemble and load test

all dust removed
  • PS4 original & slim – $55
  • PS4 Pro PS5 – $65

DVD drive faults
– inconsistent or slow inject or eject operation full service no parts

  • From $55 – $120 depending on issue
New HDMI Ports

– Other faults

  • No inject or eject with beep PS4 – $120
  • Laser replacement – $90
  • DVD drive replacement – $120

Also new hard drives, plastics, fans, cables, power supplies, Lan Ports, USB ports, prior repair attempt remediation, liquid damaged, Damaged PCBs, all repaired in house and typically same day!