Mobile Phone & Tablet repairs Brisbane


All mobile phone repairs – 04 0567 0567

  • WeFixPhones1$30 minimum service fee on phones that will not power up correctly.
  • $30 minimum service fee on ALL WET PHONES
  • Mobile phone repair parts are quite dynamic in price please call for best possible deal.

We repair all types of mobile phone and tablets including Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Huawei, Sony. We stock a large amount of screens and other repair components. We only use the best possible parts we can find, how ever this means that sometimes they are after market components. We use Aussie wholesalers to supply most parts, so this means if we don’t stock a part typically we can have them in stock in just a few days. In some cases parts are only available from over seas and delivery times can very dynamic.


All mobile phone repairs are completed by Ed Berry 04 0567 0567 – and is a completely separate business to Onsite I.T. Services.