Game Console Repairs

PS3, PSP, Wii, XBOX360 repairs

PS3, PS4 PSP, Wii, XBOX360 XBOX ONE repairs

Please note: We do not do any type of moding or repairs to moded consoles.

We do most types of Game Console repairs in our workshop at 1 Angelica Place Forest Lake.

XBox 360, Slim E, Slim, ONE

  • Disc Not Reading or the Open Tray Error
  • DVD Tray Stuck or not Ejecting
  • No Display But You Can Hear Audio
  • Disk removal on faulty units
  • No longer repairing RROD ( Red Ring of Death) or E errors
  • HDD upgrades

Play Station 3 Phat, Slim & Super Slim & PS4 repairs 

  • PS3 not Reading Discs
  • No Video or Black Screen
  • PS3 will not power up
  • Data Recovery
  • Yellow Light of Death ( YLOD ) for data recovery only.
  • HDD not reading or saving
  • Freezing up on boot screen
  • Bluray removal on faulty units
  • 12 gb to 320,500,750gb, 1tb, 2tb Super Slim Upgrades
  • SSD upgrades


Sony PSP

  • New Screens
  • Charger Bases
  • New housings
  • Batteries

Nintendo Wii

  • New DVD Drives
  • Laser replacement
  • Power supplies
  • USB Replacement

Nintendo DS (all models)

  • New Screens
  • Charger bases
  • New housings
  • Batteries