Data Recovery

datarecoveryIf you believe you hard drive may be in the process of failing or has completely failed, please turn your system off resist using it. Continued use and/or rebooting of your system, may damage your hard drive beyond repair.

Data recovery is an attempt to rescue any usable data on the drive and then transfer it to another hard drive or other storage medium.

Our success in recovering your data depends on the type of drive, the hard disk model, the failure mode and if you tried to salvage any data yourself.

Pricing guide is as follows

Minimum Service charge – $22

Successful data recovery ( being able to get any data off at all. It’s possible it’s not what you ‘need’ Due to many contributing factors ) – $89

Actual invoiced prices may be much lower than the above guide. Consider them worst case prices. In many cases what other data recovery companies call ‘DATA RECOVERY’ is actually more like Data Copying that they have renamed to make more money!!

The attempted data recovery process has a fixed minimum service fee of $89 to be paid up front. It is also possible that data recovery fails, or is simply impossible to do there for a free estimate will be done ASAP.

We can recover data from

  • Formatted Disks
  • Click Drives
  • Accidentally deleted files
  • Deliberately deleted files
  • Recover lost files
  • USB Drives
  • Thumb Drives
  • Camera SD Cards
  • iPhone (limmited but very possible)
  • External hard drives
  • Some RAID drives
  • Android coming soon

What we can’t do

  • Burnt up drives
  • Physically damaged drives
  • If the drive doesn’t spin up

We won’t pretend that you can always recover data, but we will exhaust all cost effective methods possible in the pursuite