As my wife and some of my kids have already lost their jobs I will be keeping the workshop open until I have no other option.

As of the 30th March 2020 I will stop all onsite repairs till further notice.

In response to this virus I’ve taken the following precautions in order to protect my self and my family as much as possible.

  • Remote repairs via TeamViewer when possible, see for fees and install instructions.
  • Contact free booking in of all devices.
  • You can use this book in sheet to fill it out and email back or call and I’ll fill out the job sheet while you’re in the car. I will not do it before you arrive. [PDF] [Word] Alternatively text me your name/phone/email/and fault to 0459 667 483
  • Longer opening hours to reduce the chance of another pick or drop off occurring while you’re in the workshop. Call outside of 9-5 hours M-F
  • Weekends by VERY strict appointments ie. a 9 am is 9 am, not 9.12 am, rough I understand but this is my weekend 🙂

Payment – All invoicing will be done via email, Printed invoices available on request only – SMS or eMailed Credit Card & Eftpos receipts also.

  • Eftpos
  • CreditCard
  • PayPal
  • AfterPay
  • Direct Deposit for long term clients & Businesses
  • Cash accepted but not preferred

If you have any special requirements I’m very happy to work with those requirements in order to keep you and you’re family safe also.


Contact: 0459 667 483 or